Outrageous airline baggage fees – take that, Delta

by Steve Kruschen

I am beyond steamed, miffed and outraged at what can only be thought of as excessive bag fees I’ve encountered during current business travel on Delta. They are a quasi-monopoly, as the only reasonable air carrier with reasonable schedules to some destinations along my current Dads ‘n Grads national media tour.

Yesterday, I flew into Tampa from Philadelphia. The night before, I logged in to get my boarding pass online. I indicated that I was traveling with four bags, unfortunate, but true, and, more unfortunately, a necessity. I clicked to show the four bags and was met with a fee to pay early, online, of the tidy sum of $380! WHAT? How do they sleep at night with such punitive charges? As a business traveler, I have no choice but to comply, or maybe walk to my destination.

Delta should be ashamed! But, they are not, I am sure. To whom do we complain? Is this a matter of unfair business practices governed by the FTC? I just don’t know. And I don’t want to waste my time bitching and moaning. I want to complain to just the correct entity.

As I see other Delta flights coming up, I am seeking alternatives, though none will be as convenient. Other airline schedules will result in taking more time or without direct flights. Still, it is unconscionable to think that this is in any way fair and reasonable. How can this be rationalized?

Charges on JetBlue were, as I recall, $180. On American, where I am Gold in their program, is $200. Oddly, when I upgrade for $50 on USAir flights, the net is $5 less with these four bags. Southwest is less, too, though I cannot recall how much less with their first two bags free system.

I will be looking into the best way to register my extreme displeasure with Delta Airlines over this punitive policy. I am not a radical, not a protester. I’m just an ordinary working person who feels abused by Delta Airlines in exchange for giving them my business and I have to take some action to let the most appropriate person know how I feel and to ask why, as well as to insist that this be changed. However, we are all in a bind in many instances in which Delta is the only reasonable game in town.

This does NOT make for a satisfied customer, Delta!