Housewares Show 2011 coverage intentions . . .

by Steve Kruschen

I’m going to try and share with you the attention-getters (at least MY attention) at this year’s International Home and Housewares Show, which runs March 6 – 8 in Chicago. It is a HUGE show. at the limit of what can comfortably be covered on foot in its three-day annual run.  What’s more, there is another show at the same venue, the TGA Show (Travel Goods Association).  Who knows what fun can be had there!

Of all the consumer technology and products-oriented trade shows in which I have personal interest, Housewares gives me the most to like, the most volume of useful information about products I think you’ll want to know about.  Why?  Unlike most other product categories, housewares encompasses a range of products . . .

• That typically last and last for years and years, perhaps a lifetime and beyond

• Do not quickly become obsolete

• Do not have operating systems and so do not require updates, protection from viruses or any intervention with “expert” help

• Often are NOT electric so they are FREE to be used often and virtually anywhere

• Are generally easier to operate than most consumer electronics products, providing more pleasure for more users without complicated user manuals

• Can become useful tools on a daily basis

• Often cost very little

• May make a wonderful gift for friends, family and YOU – even for the technically challenged

• And much more I cannot think of at this moment

Really, what is NOT to like?

I enjoy evaluating and reviewing these simpler items that most often are not on consumers’ radar.  I enjoy comparing products within categories to find best performance, best value and most fun, then sharing the information with YOU.

How can you make use of the information in which you find interest?  Some of what I learn will not be on company Websites as yet.  The products are often not yet available, as well.  May I suggest that you take notes so you can do your own follow-up?  In addition, I will start the process of asking for products I can evaluate and report on as time permits.  With our combined efforts, I hope you will become excited about some of what is found at both shows.

Stay tuned!

I want to jumpstart you with a primer on some of my favorites illustrating my passion and the points raised above.  Please read my “Kitchen and Other Household Essentials” article (linked at the left to  It is an example of why I love this category! Feel free to visit my Website and hover over the link to News and Reviews. There you will see revealed the opportunity to search by category. Click on Housewares and see what pops up!   Unlike looking at last year’s (obsolete) computer, smartphone and TV reviews, even the oldest housewares article may point you to a new and useful favorite, or lots of them.