TGA – Travel Goods Goodies Exhibited Next to Housewares Show 2011

by Steve Kruschen

A quick look at the Travel Goods Association show next to the Housewares Show.

The best and only recommended luggage lock I use is TSA approved – SearchAlert by CCL Security. Read my travel guide that includes recommendations for this product and almost everything I could think of in the area of travel needs.

One item not in the above-linked guide (until I revise and add this info) is a portable digital luggage scale by Balanzza, the Balanzza Mini, under $25.  Avoid surprises at the airport from too-heavy luggage. Having tested these for the past few months, I can attest to their worth. As far as I can tell, they are also accurate.  We received a few samples, all of which showed the same weight as was found at the airline check-in counter. For many travelers this is a must-have accessory. Using the included strap to connect to the luggage (any handle or strap will do), turn it on, lift the bag, wait for the beep and view the display.  When done, press the power button and turn it off.  Throw it in your carry-on so it is ready throughout any trip as needed.

Also of note, in general, is the continuing trend toward 4-wheeled luggage, also known as “spinners.” I’ve not used these for my own travel as yet, but I can easily see advantages for those who take one or two suitcases.  It is a different usage model than with traditional bags that are easily trollied together, one behind the other.  With these 4-wheeled pieces of luggage, it’s one per hand, generally. I’m most interested in the Delsey line of spinners at this point – I love a lifetime warranty and that at least at home base in SoCal there are nearby warranty repair shops.  The best place to buy I know of is still Savinar Luggage in Canoga Park, CA.  Ask for  Mark and tell him Mr. Gadget® sent you.  Everyone gets the best price, better than any other retailer I’ve ever found.  Oh, and I also like the Briggs & Riley brand, though I’ve not seen spinners yet from them. They, too, have a lifetime, all casualty warranty on their luggage.

That’s all for now . . .