Travel Goods Association Show Travelers’ Standout – Train Reaction from Club Glove

by Steve Kruschen

Last week I received samples of Train Reaction from Club Glove, an exhibitor at the show. First, watch the video. Now, read how it works. Do yourself a favor and follow through on both of these.

Through many years of travel, I have strapped two bags together, in trolley formation, using the straps that come with the luggage. I have sometimes accidentally done this so the rear bag’s wheels are on the ground as are the lead bag’s and the two seem to balance upright, slightly facing forward.  I’ve noticed that  this assembly, when balanced just so, seems to be weightless.

Using Train Reaction creates this seemingly weightless trolley by design and it really works, and works well. I can safely say that if you are a traveler who takes two bags, even three, the Train Reaction will be a must-have travel accompaniment.  With a lightweight pair costing only $20, it’s an easy decision.

It’s always the little things like this that are the best discoveries during (or before) trade shows!  Nice going, Club Glove.  Golfers will see a special version of the product at the company Website.