Housewares Show 2011 – Contigo Does It Again with Double-wall Tritan Bottle

by Steve Kruschen

I am a very happy supporter (and user) of Contigo travel mugs and hydration bottles. Read my article, please, so you will know why.

This new AUTOSEAL® Martinique Double Wall Water Bottle is smart. It combines the Tritan material I like very much with the unique, one-handed, leak-proof design I’ve punished and feel comfortable in recommending as THE BEST at what it does AND this new double-wall feature.  No, it is NOT going to offer the ultimate double-wall hot and cold performance of THE BEST stainless steel vacuum bottle of which I am aware and recommend (HydroFlaskread my article -24-hours ice cold and 12-hours hot), but it’s plastic.

The 18-ounce design reduces sweating and still manages to keep cold beverages cold for up to a respectable two hours!  NOT for hot beverages!

Also new is The AUTOSEAL® Aria Travel Mug features a new locking mechanism to prevent accidental engagement of the drinking button, which allows the mug to be stored safely in briefcases, gym bags or even purses.

More of what’s new from Contigo? Their AUTOSEAL® 20 oz West Loop Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug is a larger capacity West Loop mug which features a vacuum-insulated construction that eliminates condensation and keeps drinks hot for an estimated 6 hours and cold for up to 20 hours.

And their AUTOSEAL® Bella Double Wall Travel Mug’s double-wall design also reduces external condensation and retains the beverage’s temperature for a longer period of time.  Their 14-ounce model is said to keep beverages hot for one hour and, of course is leakproof with its one-handed design that really works!

Rounding out what’s new from Contigo is their Scout AUTOSEAL® Kids Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug and Kids Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Food Jar are two kid-specific BPA-free products that retain food and drink temperature for hours, making them perfect for school lunches.

Contigo products have earned my design approval and recommendation in addition to their recommendation based on performance. It doesn’t hurt that I have seen their (I think) 24-ounce AUTOSEAL® bottles in multipacks at Costco from time to time at insanely low prices!

More info is at

This company and its products are deserving of your support!