Stack ‘em Don’t Scratch ‘em with Protect A Pan – A Kitchen Essential

                         By Steve Kruschen, The One and Only Mr. Gadget®

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April 14, 2011 – Sometimes it’s the little things, the small and unassuming, often unusual products that are the most fun, interesting and ultimately useful.

That’s what I found in Protect A Pan, soft snugglies with elastic openings for pans and pots, allowing them to stack without the clanging, damage and without a scratch.


Protect A Pan

 Not wanting to suggest something to you that might not stand the test of time, I’ve sat on this one for almost two years!  We’ve used them here and in another family member’s home and now we’re sold.  They do the job and have proved to be quite durable through several washings.

 We are so accustomed now to stacking half a dozen frying and sauté pans and pots whose size allows easy nesting that it’s no longer anything we think about. Previously, there was a lot of clanging and banging every time we went for a nested pot or pan. And we avoided stacking for fear of scratching in addition to all the noise. No more!  With these neat little fabric covers, the noise is gone and there is no damage from their nesting in each other.  And, I suppose, there is less dust, but that is a stretch as they are all stored within kitchen cabinets.

Protect A Pan - Stack o Pans

This is the epitome of a plain and simple great idea that has stood the test of time. Protect A Pan covers are washable and made of natural fibers.  Available in black, tan, green, cream and dark brown, a five pack is as little as $30 on their Website under the “WHERE TO BUY” link, but this may change and be gone when you look. Or, call them at 1-877-514-4414 to be directed to a retailer.

Protect A Pan covers are highly recommended!