Antivirus for Macs?

by Steve Kruschen

I hate to be the bearer of such news, but . . . I think it may be the time for Mac users to assess security in the same way as have Windows users for years and years.  I’ve been an advocate of preemptive protection on Macs for several years.  Our Macs have been protected for more than 10 years.

Two emails received today suggested it is time for Mac users to take a fresh look, especially for those NOT currently protected. One was from my friends at Intego, the software company I’ve relied on for my own Mac antivirus protection for many years.  Intego provides two excellent programs – Virus Barrier X6 and Internet Security Barrier X6.  The former is antivirus only. The latter is, for my money, the better program for y’all, as it also includes the automated bit-for-bit bootable backup program for Macs that I use and have advocated for several years.  Here is the press release.  It details a FAKE Mac antivirus program that is quite scary.  It’s the fake message that is most troubling, as it is likely to get clicked by well-meaning consumers who are then duped into all the craziness that will surely ensue.

Admittedly, as you will read, the risk is currently low, but this is still an alarming development.  Of couse, a Mac antivirus company would paint the worst case scenario.  However, when I read the information, I can see that just the development of such capability is not to be disregarded.  And it is just not worth taking chances any more.  The result of this is my recommendation, once again, to protect yourself and all you care about who are Mac users.

I know it is off-topic, but I want to strongly encourage you to read what I’ve already written on the topic of Mac backup for your protection and well-being. The linked article is not new, but the message and examples are clear and relevant, even if the software versions are past.  This is important stuff!

The second instance is a geeky post on ZDNet.

What is most important is that all Mac users pay close attention to email.  As Windows users are cautioned, don’t open email from unknown senders. Easier said than done, I know.  And don’t open attachments if you are not certain of their origin.  Isn’t it easier to protect oneself?  Shouldn’t using your computer be without fear, especially for Mac users?

In addition to Intego’s software I have been using a new Mac antivirus program, one that I can also recommend, from ESET, the company behind NOD32, the best Windows antivirus that few of you know about.  NOD32 is what I recommend to all Windows users.  And now, I am pleased to report after my own trials with it, that ESET Cybersecurity for Mac is also a fine choice.  My ONLY reservation is that I want everyone to use Personal Backup X6 from Intego as their backup program, and it is only available now in their Security Suite. There are other programs for such only-on-a-Mac clone backups, but I do not favor them as I do Intego’s. Yes, there are free antivirus solutions for Macs, but I have always felt the free ones are worth what is paid for them. It is not worth taking chances.  I am certain that the protection is real and robust with both Intego’s and ESET’s.

In conclusion, you can either be safe or sorry.  As you cannot unring a bell, I hope no one has his or her own “Oops!” moment.  As indicated earlier, it is just not worth having to fix a virus attack on your Mac. Prevention is the key.